Truckers And Hho Fuel Systems

While gas prices continue to climb rampant nobody is more affected by this then trucking companies. While we all know that hho fuel technology works with automobiles. Is it possible to make use of HHO fuel for semi trucks as well is a good question to ask. Simply put yes hho fuel for semi trucks works exactly the same as hho fuel for cars. There are some more modifications that require to be done in order for hho fuel for semi trucks to work correctly but hho technology does work for semi trucks as well.

Utilizing hho fuel for semi trucks you’ll receive all the same benefits as hho for cars. These benefits include and increase in gas mileage. While hho burns hotter then regular fuel by using hho for semi trucks you might notice that the truck will burn more of its fuel. Thus increasing the gas mileage you get out of the big rig. Another benefit to using hho fuel for semi trucks is that over time the trucks motor will begin to slowly clean its self. This is because as stated above hho fuel burns hotter then regular gas. Having a more complete burn. In turn the cylinder walls will slowly begin to clean them selves over time.

From using hho fuel for semi trucks as well as increased burn. You will also begin to notice an increase in power out of the big rig. The rise in power again goes back to the fact you are going to be obtaining a more complete burn out of your fuel. As hard as it is to believe that hho can actually work on any vehicle or tool powered by any fuel.

Through the use of hho fuel for semi trucks you may expect as much as a 116% increase in gas mileage. With the other benefits stated above. While the numbers do vary according to the hho fuel device you select make use of on your big rig. The benefits are much better then not using any hho fuel for semi trucks at all. With all the new truck laws currently going into effect about big rigs and emission standards. You may begin to greatly take pleasure in using hho on your truck. Even when you do not possess your rig talk to your superiors and show them just a few of the benefits of hho fuel for semi trucks. By doing so they may begin to lower their fuel cost and repairs on their rigs. While you could stand a chance for a promotion for bringing them such a grand solution to the rising gas cost we are all currently experiencing.

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