The Founding Fathers’ View Of The Second Amendment

The Founding Fathers of the United States of America were a brave lot and would have sacrificed their life in exchange for the liberties this country now cherishes. It was a difficult road even after the Revolution as the newly created states worked to organize into a strong country. As history notes the Articles of Confederation was a failure as it did little to bring individual states together. The Constitution, the law of the United States for over two hundred years has been the centerpiece for American laws. However, the ratification by all states was not guaranteed without the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights included the Second Amendment, the right to bare arms, to provide the people of the United States the ability to fight and protect the Constitution and all the rights guaranteed.

The right to own guns is preserved through a militia. What is a militia? According to George Mason who co-authored the Second Amendment it is the people. This would indicate his belief that each citizen should have the right to arms. Samuel Adams agreed when he said the Constitution should never be construed to authorize Congress to prevent the people of the United States from keeping their own arms. It would seem there is little debate over what the Founding Fathers intended in the writing of the Second Amendment. George Washington, the Father of this great country believed that guns were indispensable to ensure peace, security and happiness.

Our Founders intended the people of the United States to have the right to private ownership of arms to protect the rights of every person in the United States. Its intention was not only to protect the family and home but also to protect the country. Thomas Jefferson believed that giving up this right would eventually lead to enslave those without. It is not gone unnoticed that the leadership in other countries can, in fact, turn corrupt and the people have the right to defend even against its own leaders.

The Second Amendment maintains the Right to Bare Arms through a militia, the people of the United States. It is for all of the people. Private citizens, many who were farmers, followed great leadership to create this country. The Revolution was sparked by the British effort to confiscate weapons. This is a country for the people. It will be the people who will defend her.

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