Subliminal Messages What They Really Are And What They Are To Us

Everyday in our life, we see many different things. Some are good to the eyes while some seem to be an eye sore. Whatever we see, these have some hidden messages in them. This is what decoders of subliminal messages do: To bring to our attention these hidden messages.

Who are these decoders? Well, anyone can be one of them. Being able to decode such message is great skill. It can develop your personality. Rare are those times when subliminal messages influence you to the negative way.

We have been mentioning subliminal messages. What really are these? These days, there are lots of these especially as subliminal mp3s. A subliminal mp3 is available for our cutting edge gadgets nowadays. We also have what we call subliminal audio which decodes hidden messages behind recorded sounds especially songs and speeches.

The word subliminal comes from two Latin words, sub meaning under and limen meaning (sensory) threshold. Subliminal message then means a message embedded in a certain medium which is designed to pass through the normal limits of the perception of a human mind. Thus, the conscious mind does not recognize the hidden message; only the subconscious mind can realize it. This mechanism then may result to positively or negatively affecting the thoughts, actions, behaviors, attitudes, value systems, or belief systems subsequently later.

There are three types of subliminal message: Written or Textual, Image, and Spoken or Audio. The two most popular are spoken and written types.

Audio types include backmasking, a technique where in the sounds are recorded backwards which should be played forwards. With this, messages which are like nonsense sounds to the conscious mind are produced. Familiar with the song Hotel California? Some years back, they applied backmasking with the track and they claimed that it has satanic messages in it. Most often, the hidden messages found are about drugs use, sex, rock music, and other evil matters. But these days, many still claim that this is not that significant as it has no scientific basis.

Textual types are mostly seen in products used for advertisement. Consciously, these texts create familiarity to new products. Example of this are brands or slogans of products especially cigarettes and beverages such as beers, teas, coffees, and others.

Image types, on the other hand, make use of pictures. Generally, we all know that images are messages themselves. They speak for something. However, for image subliminal messages, they affect the subconscious mind by altering something in it. There are lots of studies that were conducted to prove these and indeed, they were successful to show that subliminal images influence the ways of a person.

With what subliminal messages can do, these are now used to help people for their personal development. Moreover, it teaches us many tips on how to use ourselves the right way. It offers simplified lessons for life such as the universal law of attraction. This law has been a great help to many great, successful people.

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