Student Unions Pros And Cons Of Their Functioning

It goes without saying that modern world is democratic. People are given an opportunity to express their personal opinion, make choices, and act as they like within the bounds of the law. Democratic position of the American government is one of the factors that gave way to the appearance of student unions. The main idea of any student union is the organization of students self-government. There are two different opinions about student unions as the organizations. Some people claim that student unions are important and should function. Others state that students self-government creates a number of problems because it fails to state appropriate goals. This article highlights the main advantages and disadvantages of student unions according to different opinions.

Advantages of student unions

1.Student unions assist and support those who ask for help.

2.Student unions pay attention to reduction and full elimination of discrimination in colleges.

3.Student unions are created to unite students with the same interests.

4. Student unions represent the whole student society, they try to enlarge students rights and exclude any injustice.

5.The members of student unions are aimed at organizing students leisure. Different extracurricular activities, competitions, job search and volunteer possibilities may be checked in such organizations.

Disadvantages of student unions

1.Image is the main issue that bothers the members of some student unions.

2.Prejudices existing in the society may be the reason for student unions helplessness.

3.Unreliable members of student unions, especially their leaders, may cause a lot of problems.

4.Some student unions put personal desires higher than social.

5.Entertainment may become the main focus of student unions work. Social work is sidelined in this case.

So, students should form their personal opinion on the importance or vanity of student unions. We hope our arguments are helpful and stimulate students thinking.

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