Restrictions And Prohibitions When Shipping To Brazil

Each country has its own rules when it comes to what you can send and what you cannot. Many want to protect their flora and fauna and make sure nothing that can harm it will be imported or they just want to protect local industries or stop drug imports. Brazil is not exception and even if it is part of the World Trade Organization when shipping to Brazil you have to check the list of prohibitions and restrictions and make sure your commodities are not listed.

You cannot send pleasure boats, which are valued over $3500 or beef from cattle, which has been fed with growth stimulants, dangerous goods, color prints for the television market or fresh poultry meat and products.

C.O.D shipments are not allowed and of course, you cannot send pornographic material, human parts or remains, explosives, firearms of any kind, live animals especially insects, perishable foods or beverage that need refrigeration, plants or derived plants materials. Lottery tickets and gambling devices are not allowed but they are not really allowed anywhere. You cannot send money, cash or any equivalent to cash. The list goes on with hazardous waste, shipments that can be harmful or that need special licenses or permits. It is not allowed to declare a lower value or a much higher value than that permitted for certain goods. In-bond shipments or wildlife products are also looked upon. Be careful when you pack because packages that are wet, are leaking or emit any kind of odor can be retained at the customs.

When shipping to Brazil you must be aware of the origin of the commodities, you are sending. For example, products that are made in Iran are prohibited. Watches need a label and a proper import license and you cannot send paintball guns or vaccines. You may also have some problems if you want to send alcoholic beverages.

There is one other detail you have to be aware when shipping to Brazil. There are some weight limits to the package you can send so you cannot send a package heavier than 70 KG if you choose to send the product by UPS or FEDEX.

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