Professional Yard Sales Are Working for Me

My husband works for sanitation picking up trash. We manage to reclaim a lot of usable items. We started having regular yard sales. People know we do good work so look for our sale on weekends. We’ve had some items that always go quick like magic bullet blenders. So I found a free receipt template to use. I wanted to be able to give people receipts as well as keep them for my records. This works great as I can print them and then fill them out for the sales on the spot for anyone who wants one or can just fill them out for myself.

We also have lots of clothing at our sales from our own kids and from those thrown out that can be saved. We make sure to have big sales right before school starts after a break. This really helps us get a lot of sales. Sometimes I even get things at other yard sales if they are cheap enough to still sell for a profit at ours. The city also has an amnesty day where large things can be collected for free. We gather many larger items that can be fixed and sold on these days.

The yard sale also makes it easy to buy the newest things as we can sell the older but still good things. It helps make it economical to have the very best and newest and have better from what all the other neighbors have. It’s been a great income and I can now stay at home with the kids instead of being gone all day. But I want to be legal and pay my taxes. So having the receipts will help with that. It also helps to know how much I am really making each month and know how successful the sales really are.

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