Milstein Adelman is a law firm which is faithful to law. All the lawyers running under Milstein Adelman are providing best of the services to all their patrons in the area of construction defects, class action litigation, products liability litigation, personal injury and wrongful death etc.

The lawyers make sure that they give enough time to their clients and understand there need and then after covering all the aspect as per the client need they go ahead and file the case. The lawyers ensure that the services which they are providing are as per the need of the client and explain the step by step process to the client.

The law firm represents individuals and companies whose insurance claims have been wrongfully denied by their insurer. The firm handles cases throughout California and the United States involving homeowners insurance, general liability insurance, life and disability insurance, and all other types of first-party and third-party claims.

The firm is a well known name of the household in California because of their timely services, quick response, point to point explanation to their client and of course the desired outcome from the case results. The lawyers are also knows by their name not only by firm name because they all stand individually and then together make the Milstein Adelman. In light of success, the firm is uniquely positioned with resources to fight even the most well financed defendants. The firm takes great pride in its successes and expertise. The attorneys have drafted legislation, testified before the state legislature and frequently are featured speakers on the area of construction defect law at seminars. The firm handles construction defect cases throughout the states of California and Arizona and we are routinely partnering with other firms in other states to handle large scale construction defect litigation in those jurisdictions.

The lawyers are not only the regular name in the fraternity of the law but they are also known by people because they regularly get featured in the local newspaper of California, Arizona etc. they are also part of the law school where they go and deliver the speeches, lectures etc. The law firm is well stock to undertake any kind of the cases, even when they are not strong enough with the evidences, witnesses and paper work. The multi lawyers make sure that they are only committed to prevail the truth and help their clients at every possible situation.

Milstein Adelman is one of the nation’s premier Plaintiffs’ firms, advocating for the rights of individuals who have been wronged or injured since 1994. The reputation for fierce advocacy makes us the firm of choice when litigating the complex legal matters and critical disputes that most significantly affect our clients and their rights. The proven creativity in analyzing and proposing solutions to complex legal challenges is at the core of our legal strategy. Happy clients are our motto and commitment to law is our practice. For more details visit:

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