Los Angeles Criminal Records

Los Angeles, along with other cities in America is an exciting and lively city. Spurred by the economic slump, the city is not without its fair share of crimes that are committed on a daily basis. Information and data pertaining to crimes and criminals may be difficult to avail provided they are stored in a systematic database. The Los Angeles criminal records can be availed by the public through a variety of sources.

First and foremost, for individuals who had committed crime in the city of Los Angeles, a copy of the criminal report can be obtained directly from the Los Angeles Police Department (or also known as LAPD). The copy of the criminal report can be obtained with a minimum charge ( to be confirmed with the LAPD ). Information pertaining to the crime such as the date, time, place and crime committed are all clearly stated on the criminal record copy.

For the general public who intends to obtain information pertaining to the Los Angeles criminal records, there are several options. They can either go to the respective court house office to view or obtain a copy or use the Internet as a second option to obtain information pertaining to Los Angeles criminal records.

The Los Angeles Municipal Court Criminal Records Searches is a good online source for Los Angeles criminal records. Generally, those requiring access to these records are required to provide information such as full name, age and sex. Information that can be availed on the Los Angeles criminal records include case number, date of report and offense. Below is a sample of a Los Angeles criminal record :

Name : J.Smith
Source State: AOCDOCCourts
Reported(CA): 06/10/2008
Offense: 1 ASSAULT
Offense State:
CA Case Number: 528267
Offense: 2 Buglary
Offense State: CA Case Number: 123456A
Offense: 3 Arson
Offense State: CA
Case Number: 00009876

Another viable source for Los Angeles criminal records is none other than the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles website. The website contains detailed information pertaining to cases such as felony, arson, rape and firearms possession. There is an index of defendants, bail schedule, bail-out citing guide and a list of panel of psychiatrists and psychologists. The website imposes a minimal fee for its electronic searches to cover its costs on technology development, maintenance, and operational expenses.

Criminal records can be used for a myriad of purposes. Students and researchers often use information contained to understand human behavioral patterns. This is an important aspect in psychology and psychiatry. The law enforcement department can also make use of the Los Angeles criminal records to educate the public on the characteristics of crimes and the criminals.

The above are but several viable sources of Los Angeles criminal records. The information pertaining to these records can help shape the city into a safer environment.

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