How To Sell Your Classroom Materials And Make A Bundle

In most industries, youd get in serious trouble with the law if you started selling off your office supplies and corporate materials. After all, those things belong to the company. In schools across the nation, things are very different. Teachers own a good portion of their classroom supplies because they had to buy them with their own money. Its such a well-known phenomenon that there are tax credits specifically for educators who have receipts for their purchases. While its tempting to wax poetic about how unfair it is to have to buy your own supplies, it is the nature of the beast for the time being.

But what do you do with your old classroom materials? Do you have used items that you just cant use anymore? You dont have to give them away or sell them at a garage sale. With the help of an educational exchange website, you can list your items for free. By selling your unwanted goods and materials, youll make some other teachers day!

Think back to when you were a new teacher, fresh out of college. How much did you spend on educational games, manipulatives, and basic classroom supplies? If you added up how much you spent, youd be shocked by the answer. Youre sitting on a goldmine with all of that stuff!

Theres no need to be shy start listing your things for free. By listing your stuff at an educational exchange website, you dont have to worry about paying listing fees you only pay a fee when an item sells. And by using an educational exchange auction site, you can feel good about passing your supplies on to another needy educational professional.

Dont undervalue your items. Someone out there would just love to get their hands on your supplies. You dont need to throw your things away or give them away technology has made it possible for you to showcase all your useful wares and materials.

By using a trustworthy educational auction house, you can easily set up your account and post pictures of your items. On your next break, take a day to fish out your old stuff.

You can also opt to make money as an affiliate, which involves referring others to the educational exchange site. Better yet, work as a trade assistant and sell items for other people, and take a percentage of the sale. Your options for making money are only limited by your imagination.

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