How To Amp Up The Law Of Attraction

When I first heard about the law of attraction I instantly knew that I could attract anything I wanted into my life. That is where both the challenge and opportunity existed. Most people know what they want to attract into their life, but they wonder why the opposite keeps showing up!

So this got me thinking about the law of attraction.Does it really responsd to all of our thoughts or only some of them? Well I say both, but the challenge is that 98% of how we think we’re not even aware of. This made total sense to me becasue even though I wanted to attract something new, I was still thinking about the same old stuf upstairs!rs!

I began to play a little game with the law of attraction to see what I could do. I thought, let’s trick this natural law and outsmart it! I started to become extremely aware of my thoughts, and what I was attracting through the law of attraction. I used the “effects” in my life to provide me with examples of how I thought!

If I attracted a happy or grumpy person, I questioned it. If I attracted a sum of money, or a large bill, I questioned what I may have been thinking and how I felt about the situation. For every single event, person, or circumstance I questioned everything! I was so curious to know how I attracted that and what brought it about into my life.

It’s so easy to understand how you are thinking. All you have to do is look at the results in your life and you’ll know exactly what is happening based on your thoughts!

I can remember thinking man, there is so much change I’ll have to go through to get the results I want in life. You know when you attract something into your life that’s NOT to your taste and you think, wow, that’s what I’m vibing at to attract this?!

I continued to use this process to really understand what I was attracting, and more importantly what I was thinking to bring about those results. Literally to this day I still use this approach to help me become aware of what I’m thinking and feeling. Remember your results always tell the truth, so use them to help you understand where you’re playing in life.

Take some time today and decide you want to start being aware of what’s happening in your life. You can achieve anything you want, but it’s going to take you growing and getting out of your comfort zones. Give this new way of practising the law of attraction a shot and you’ll never think the same my friend!

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I enjoy helping others improve the quality of their lives by shifting their mindset and improving their thinking.

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