Steam Light Flashlight

Stream light flashlights are incredibly durable and surely the most amazing structures ever produced in the field of flashlight. It is really a matter of pride to carry a Stream light flashlight. It is ultra-tough, super-bright flash lights and can satisfy many needs and have numerous applications. Stream light has concentrated its efforts on new ideas. It is a new innovation that can solve problems and the users know very well their importance.

Since Stream light has won a number of government approvals, industry and independent authorities it is regarded as one of the prestigious flashlights which is available at the lowest price to the military, law enforcement, and other government organization.

The power and progressive design of the stream light has no other company can match. Some of the distinctive features of the steam light flash lights are the following:


The steam light flash light is the most powerful because it has computer-designed reflectors, extremely bright xenon, krypton or halogen bulbs and state-of-the-art chargers. In fact, the steam light flash lights are the most powerful rechargeable electronic equipment ever built.


Almost all the steam light flash lights are tough and some of them are virtually indestructible. Some of the engineered polymer cases Stream-Light use for PolyStinger, Syclone, SL-20XP and others are extremely strong and they carry a lifetime guarantee. But Streamlight’s machined aluminum cases are virtually as strong as steel, and also a lot lighter.


Most of the stream light components are top quality and are generally hand assembled by small team of technicians. For stream light flashlight there is a guarantee of perfection and each lantern and head light is individually tested before they are sent to the market for sale. The resultant product is a line of lights which is powerful and reliable. They generally serve year after year.

Universal charging cord is provided:

The charging cord of the steam light flashlight is the same whatever be the size of the flash light. This is to make switching cords from one power supply, sleeve or charging easier and convenient. It is easy to use and therefore people who uses it feels more comfortable and generally do not opt for any other except this.

Risky location ratings:

There are different types of workers who require working under hazardous conditions. Such firefighters, maintenance crews and rescue teams require lights to accompany them. Therefore, different kinds of steam light flash lights are employed. They include Survivor, Syclone, Vulcan, Stinger, PolyStinger and ProPolymers.

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Learn J3301 Billing and Know if Ability to Bill the Patient Expire

Generic vs. Brand Name Won’t Alter Your J3301 Billing

Question: Your doctor is using Kenalog 40 (NDC 0003029328) from Bristol Meyers Squibb. He says HCPCS code J3301 is not the accurate code to bill as that is a generic code. Is there a different code to distinguish generics from non-generic when billing?ng?

Answer: For Kenalog injections, you must use J3300 (Injection, triamcinolone acetonide, preservative free, 1 mg) or J3301 (Injection, triamcinolone acetonide, not otherwise specified, 10 mg) for the Kenalog itself.

Pointer: Be wary of the code descriptors while reporting units. For HCPCS code J3300, you must report 1 unit per 1 mg. On the other hand, you must report 1 unit per 10 mg for J3301.

These are the codes you should use, irrespective of the company you get the Kenalog from. Kenalog is actually the brand name whereas the generic drug name is triamcinolone acetonide. The HCPCS tabular listing is decided by generic drug name. If you look up triamcinolone acetonide you’ll see it lists HCPCs code J3300 and J3301 as the proper codes. The HCPCS drug table listing comprises brand name as well. When you search Kenalog it eventually refers you to triamcinolone acetonide.

Does Ability to Bill the Patient Expire?

Question: Is there a time limit on when you can bill a patient for their balance due after the insurance company processes the claim? For instance, in case the patient still owes a balance (according to insurance’s allowed charges) after two or three years, are you able to still bill the patient?

Answer: There is no national regulation that restricts when you can bill a patient. You must check your state’s laws, nevertheless, to make certain there is nothing specific to your area that places a time limit on when you can bill a patient. You should also check your payer contracts to be guarantee there is no requirement you have agreed to by signing as a participating provider.

Medical Coding and Billing Tip: Just for the reason that there is no time limit, that doesn’t mean it is the best thing to bill a patient for the first time three years after she had a procedure or service. In case you upset a patient by billing her for the first time a long time after the service — which possibly meant she believed she didn’t owe anything for the reason that you had not sent a billing statement — you may lose a patient and will probably have difficulty collecting the fee.

As per medical coding and billing experts , an unhappy ex-patient is right to tell anyone who will listen that your practice is bad news. She may even go ahead and complain to the state medical board and get you investigated for your business practices. You must consider the public relations effect of billing three years after a service.

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High Return Investment In Pakistan

Often people ask me to tell about the most profitable or high return business in Pakistan. It is hundred million dollars question because business people could earn millions of dollars by knowing about most profitable or high return business. Without taking anything, I am presenting full feasibility report on most profitable or high return business.

There are many most profitable or high return businesses but food business is particularly profitable. Here readers should understand that it is period of recession and slump around the world. This slump is higher in Pakistan due to many reasons including electricity load-shedding, law and order situation and unrest in Pakistan. Thus here only food business provides safe investment.

Poultry and eggs business proved to be one of the most profitable. It could give seven times profit on investments. Take chicks which cost 35 rupees per chick. Grow them for less than around two months until it become one and half kilogram chicken. This size chicken is selling in around 220 to 255 rupees in Pakistan. One can easily analyze this stunning return of profit.

Further, there not many large or organized poultry business companies in Pakistan. Demand is very high. Infect chicken is always short. Chicken business people are earning billions of rupees daily. People are unhappy about this high price of chicken these price. Businessmen and companies can easily make market by offering lower prices.

I conducted personal research and investigation for knowing business secrets. Please consider giving me donation if you find this idea useful or donate when you start making profit out of this business.

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