After having a chance to take a look at the site from several different angles, I decided to post this review. When I heard about the file sharing website, I immediately had several questions, as Im sure you do. In this brief review, I will answer all of the questions I can with the ultimate goal of helping you to decide if a membership to the site is worth your time and money.

When I think of file sharing online, I immediately think of Napster and all of the users who got arrested by violating copyright laws. Im always skeptical of these kinds of sites, and was no exception when I first learned of it. I was happy to find out that it was completely legal.

While I was happy about the legality of the service the site offered, I was downright impressed to find that has new technology that enables you to burn your new downloads 300 times faster than before. You can even use this new software to burn any file to CD or DVD.

There are more than 100 million files to search through, meaning that has everything you could ever want to download. From high quality movies to full episodes of TV shows and video games, if you can conceive of wanting it, chances are you can get it with your membership. Millions of people use the network to download and share files, dont you think its about time you joined and took your turn?

The service is extremely affordable, and if you get hung up on any of the technology there is a support service to help you out. There are no time limits, no bandwidth limits and there are no content restrictions. As a result, I highly recommend to everyone I know. The site is amazing, and the service pays for itself in a matter of days.

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Settlement After Doctor Failed To Notify Patient Tests Showed Possibility Of Prostate Cancer

Male patients tend to have a scant awareness of prostate cancer, their own chances for the cancer, and the methods available for detecting whether they have prostate cancer. Most male patients are not aware of what it means to screen for prostate cancer or that screening needs to be done before they begin to show symptoms. Yet, far too often, physicians detect the cancer only after it is past the early stages because of deficient of screening.

There are several different circumstances that may result in a delayed diagnosis. This article will consider the following pattern: the doctor (1) orders a PSA blood test, (2) finds that the man has a high PSA level, but (3) fails to inform the patient, does not refer the patient to a specialist, and fails to get a biopsy to confirm whether the elevated PSA is due to prostate cancer. The case below illustrates this situation.

A physician, an internist, found that his male patient had a PSA of 8. (anything above a 4.0 is generally viewed as high). The doctor said nothing to the patient. The physician did not refer the patient to a specialist. The doctor failed to order a biopsy. Two years later the physician repeated the PSA test. This time the PSA level had gone up to 13.6. Again, the physician did not inform the patient. Again, the doctor did not refer the patient to a urologist. And again, the physician did not order a biopsy. Two years later the doctor repeated the PSA test. It was not until three years after first knowing about the patients raised PSA level that the physician finally advised him that he most likely had cancer. By the time he was diagnosed he had metastatic prostate cancer and surgery was not among the treatment options. Treating doctors alternatively recommended radiation therapy and hormone therapy. Neither of these would eliminate the cancer but they might slow the cancers advancement and additional spread. The law firm that handled this matter reported that they took the lawsuit to mediation where they were able to obtain a settlement of $600,000.

But not following up after noting abnormal test results brings about a situation in which those patients who do in fact have prostate cancer may not discover they have it until it has spread outside the prostate, restricting the patients choices for treatment, and substantially decreasing the possibility that the patient will be able to survive the cancer.

This lawsuit illustrates a sort of error that can lead to the delayed diagnosis of a patients prostate cancer. It comes about when the doctor actually follows the guidelines and screens male patients for prostate cancer yet does not follow through when the test results are abnormal.

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Tips to Help Your Buddy Who Gets Arrested In the Mid Night

Suppose it is 1 o’clock in the morning and one of your best friends has just been in prison. You know you require legal assistance. You don’t want your buddy to make a confession. Without any doubt it is hard to make out what to do or whom to hope. If you don’t make out who will even answer your call in the mid night, take a short glance on the following key tips by SCL – one of the celebrated criminal law firms in Singapore that can make you help your buddy in such a very difficult time.

Bear in mind that the best way to support with the issues related to being in prison is to pass up the arrest in particular. Stay out of brawl, drink sensibly, drive dependably, and assist your buddies doing the same.

Think if you can call his or her parents, in particular if you don’t want to get involved. In case, if your buddy has an alcohol or drug issue, he/she may be making effort to evade parents. In addition, they may also decide to remain unknown to evade embarrassment.

No doubt, it’s an awfully tongue-tied situation. Keep the info on a want to identify basis. Ignore to call your other friends or colleagues of the imprisoned companion. If your friend will miss work on account of the imprisonment, you may want to think about asking your buddy for the employer’s email or contact number and settle on if he or she wants the manager informed of the circumstances. Is it a secret? If yes, you should find out the most suitable “cause” for your buddy’s nonattendance from work.

In case, if you get into problem detecting where your companion is being in custody and by what law enforcement bureau, then look for the help of a bail bondsman. Certainly, they are veteran at the same and can sometimes trace your companion faster than you.

Remember, legal charges to stand in at accusation should be either a flat payment or at an hourly rate. Most criminal defense lawyers charge on per-hour bases.

Moreover, you can inform the criminal defense lawyer you found that you will require his help to protect your buddy’s privileges just for the night being considered and probably the next day at accusation if that is planned, Here, you are advised not to sign a long-standing allowance devoid of the blamed person’s contribution.

Vendela Jar is an expert writer having vast experience about the Law industry. Currently, she is writing on various topics like criminal defense lawyer. for More Information Click Here.

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Lee S. McCullough The Best Asset protection Attorney in Provo, Utah USA

Lee S. McCullough, III received a Master of Accountancy degree from Brigham Young University and a Juris Doctorate degree from the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University, where he graduated magna cum laude. In addition to his private law practice, Lee works as an adjunct professor at the law school at Brigham Young University and he is president-elect of the Utah Valley Estate Planning Council. Lee represents the owners of many top companies including Skullcandy, Logoworks, Omniture, Apex Alarm, Raser Technologies,, Bluehost, vSpring Capital, Cirque Lodge, Wilson Audio, and more.

He has published many articles in trade association journals. He speaks regularly on tax and estate planning subjects to groups such as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Utah State Bar, and the Financial Planning Association. Mission Statement: “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.” (Proverbs 22:1)

What You Can Expect From him: He will give you a free initial consultation with complete confidentiality. He will quote you a comprehensive fixed fee-with no surprises. He will give you the latest, most innovative and effective strategies. He will provide legal services that are honest, ethical, and reliable. He will give you personalized service- I won’t delegate your case to others. He will implement your strategy in days, not months! He will provide ongoing support for any plan that I help create.

His Clients Include . . . . . . several NFL and NBA superstars, as well as the owners of many top companies including Skullcandy, Logoworks, Omniture, Apex Alarm, Raser Technologies,, Bluehost, vSpring Capital, Cirque Lodge, Wilson Audio, Sorenson Capital, and VitalSmarts.

Asset Protection Strategies They provide ethical, legal, and effective asset protection planning for clients who are looking for greater peace of mind by protecting their assets from future liabilities. All fifty states and the federal government have passed many laws that support asset protection planning if it is done in advance of a problem. On the other hand, all fifty states and the federal government have also passed fraudulent transfer laws to limit your ability to protect assets from creditors. Asset protection planning requires a working knowledge of fraudulent transfer law, civil procedure, property law, corporate law, partnership and LLC law, trust law, income tax law, estate tax law, and more, across many different jurisdictions. These laws constantly change as new statutes are passed and as new court cases are published. Because every client’s situation is different, every case requires a fresh analysis, updated research, and highly customized documents. There is no asset protection plan or product that works for every situation.

Lee S. McCullough, III, PC 5255 N. Edgewood Dr., Suite 100 Provo, Utah 84604

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The Pros And Cons Of Dual Citizenship

Have you ever considered dual citizenship, the act of becoming a citizen of more than one country? Isnt this dangerous, sort of like taking on more than one wife? Not necessarily. Dual citizenship is perfectly legal in some cases and very illegal in others. There is no worldwide sanction on this practice because there is no worldwide government. However, individual countries can prohibit its own citizen from being a resident of more than one country.

Why? This is usually due to what can described as disloyalty or a sort of international conflict of interest. Some countries have no problem with such a scenario. You can be a dual citizen of both Canada and the United States, so as long as you obey the laws of whatever country you are currently living in. Countries like the U.K, Australia and France also allow dual citizenship. However, other countries such as India, China and Germany do not allow this option.

What are the cons of dual citizenship? Only that you have twice as much responsibility. You have to respect the laws regarding taxes, military service and travel restrictions for both countries, depending on which you are currently living at. The pros of dual citizenship are that the status allows residents many financial benefits. Business travelers dont have to devote much time to getting visas, nor is there any technicalities preventing him or her buying a new property or getting access to a restricted area.

There is also more freedom in having dual citizenship, since you are not obligated to work or store funds in merely on country. Many people are considering backup plans in light of the U.S.s financial crisis. The final benefit to discuss is that of belonging. Some individuals have very strong ties to their countries and desire not just to legally work and build in another country, but also to keep deep roots in their own country. Countries that allow dual citizenship will not require a painful disassociation from their home land.

If you are interested in dual citizenship then make sure and verify your plans and any technicalities in question with either a lawyer or an international consul. At the very least, try and verify the information from a reputable online source rather than risk doing something illegal. Dual citizenship is a unique privilege, one that truly makes you independent. This option may bring you many advantages in your financial affairs.

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Offshore Unit Trusts And Oeics

Offshore Unit Trusts and OEICs

An offshore fund is a collective investment, although some are unit trusts, most offshore funds are Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs).

FSA-Recognised Funds
Offshore funds first saw the light of day in the tax havens of the Caribbean and the Channel Islands: Now offshore fund investment managers exist in many different parts of the world such as Ireland, Luxembourg, the Isle of Man and the British Virgin Islands for example. Although the managers of offshore funds face certain restrictions with regard to what they can and cant offer potential UK investors, some funds are able to market their products directly to UK residents. Funds which are domiciled in one of the ‘Designated Territories’ of Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man and Bermuda are known as FSA Recognised Funds.

Many investors and rightly so associate the term ‘offshore’ with i) tax-advantageous investing and ii) anonymity. Generally speaking the main advantage of investing in an offshore fund is that the returns are distributed free of tax or else reinvested and used to heighten a funds overall performance. (Investors who are resident in the UK will eventually have to pay tax on the growth or income their offshore investments produce.) Unlike their onshore counterparts, offshore managers can invest in a wider range of potentially performanceboosting asset classes such as commodities, derivatives and hedge funds.

With regard to confidentiality, many offshore centres continue to do all they can within the law to safeguard the identities of their investors, which can be an important benefit for some individuals.

FSA Recognised offshore funds are classified as being either Qualifying or Distributing funds, or Non-Qualifying or Accumulation funds.

In a Qualifying fund, at least 85% of the funds income must be distributed to its investors. As tax is not deducted at source from the distributions, UK investors must declare the income in their annual tax returns. Paying the tax due on the distributions later rather sooner, can leave the investor with more capital to invest. Depending on the funds performance, the investor may also have to pay Capital Gains Tax when the investment matures or is sold.

Non-Qualifying funds do not distribute income, so the investor has no income tax to pay until the investment matures. All investment returns are reinvested in the fund which can help enhance its overall performance. On maturity or disposal of a Non-Qualifying fund, HM Revenue & Customs classifies the return as being an ‘Offshore Income Gain’ and as such subject to the investor’s highest marginal rate of income tax.

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International Law firm Manage & Prepare your caseMatter

Case Beacon is a collaborative Cloud-based computerized system for legal firms. Various features and functions have been developed in the system to improve profitability and productivity for attorneys and legal companies. Legal firms use Case Beacon to keep track of documents, legal events, court proceedings, scheduled events, and correspondence with clients and opposing counsel. Case Beacon is a system that is easy for attorneys to use and improves the firms’ ability to keep track of legal matters. Case Beacon helps organize legal documents and information related to court proceedings, client-attorney privileged information, and data related to legal matters. Legal firms use Case Beacon to organize the schedules of attorneys, to view a timeline of upcoming events and dates, to improve billing and increase revenue, to communicate with their clients and to manage legal activities within their firm. Cases or legal matters are assigned to Law Firm Staff and Clients, and all activity is tracked within Case Beacon. This single source of information improves visibility of legal firm operations. For large firms with many attorneys this feature alone makes Case Beacon a significant asset. Simple and integrated time tracking and billing improves the accuracy of legal billing activities and increases revenue for the firm. Case Beacon gives the firm owner or lead attorney a transparent view of cases, legal matters, time tracking, and invoicing. Case Beacon uses bank-grade security to maintain confidentiality of legal documents and client information. Attorneys determine the confidentiality of a given type of information and Case Beacon protects the data with three levels of security. Case Beacon uses SSL, encryption, and an additional secure Encryption Password to protect client-attorney conversations through multi-layered encryption. The Encryption Passwords are never stored in the system. Users remain in complete control of their Encryption Password information. Case Beacon has built in templates to help organize and prepare for a case or court appearance. Case Beacon is designed to be easy to use. Lawyers and legal personnel find it quick and easy to learn how to operate Case Beacon software. The system can be accessed from anywhere with a PC, iPad, Android tablet, Windows 8 devices on Chrome or Firefox. There is no software to install or operate at the legal firm offices. Access to individual events recorded in Case Beacon can be provided to others including opposing counsel. All confidential data is protected. Case Beacon maintains a complete historical record of all data changes and documents. This added feature increases protection against legal malpractice claims because the legal firm can quickly summarize all information and data changes. This eliminates the need for paper files and reduces costly e-discovery efforts.

For more information please our website:

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Judge Mathis As A Role Model In Black History And Social Justice

Black History Month, observing important people and events in the history of the African diaspora, is celebrated through the entire month of February. Coincidentally, World Day of Social Justice falls on February 20. In honor and remembrance of these two commemorations, it is only fitting to recognize an individual whose contributions are significant to both: Greg Mathis or as he is more commonly known, Judge Mathis.

Mathis’ story is one of redemption. How he overcame an upbringing in the tumultuous times of 1960’s and 1970’s Detroit, teetered away from early gang involvement, and built a career that put him in position to affect the lives of others, presents an example of a positive African-American influence who has carried the integrity of social justice.

Judge Mathis: Early Beginnings

Born in Detroit, Michigan on April 5, 1960.
Raised, along with three brothers, by a single mother.
As a teenager, associated with the Eroll Flynns, a Detroit street gang.
Arrested several times in his youth.
At age 17, learned his mother had cancer, and began to turn his life around.
Earned his G.E.D. in six months and was, thus, offered probation.

Judge Mathis: Collegiate Years

A family friend helped him get admitted into Eastern Michigan University.
Became interested in politics and worked for the Democratic Party.
Organized demonstrations against the apartheid in South Africa.
Joined Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.
Graduated with a B.S. in Public Administration.

Judge Mathis: Career Highlights

Began political career as an unpaid intern.
Became assistant to Clyde Cleveland, a city council member.
Admitted to University of Detroit School of Law.
In 1988, appointed head of Jesse Jackson’s Presidential Campaign in Michigan.
Head of then-Mayor’s Coleman Young’s reelection campaign.
In 1995, elected a superior court judge for Michigan’s 36th District.

Judge Mathis: Judge Mathis TV Show

In 1999, began production of the Judge Mathis TV show.
Entering its 11th season, the show runs in national syndication five days a week.
With introduction of “Ask Judge Mathis” segment, is starting to inject even more social commentary into the show.

Judge Mathis is just one example of an individual doing his part to actively push forward the significance of Black history and social justice in the world today.

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How to study at an English speaking university

Studying abroad is a great way of getting the most from your university experience. Not only are you taking a course that you’re truly interested in and one which will help you get to where you want to be in your chosen career, studying abroad will also help with your personal development, help you to perfect your language skills (written, verbal, listening and writing), and could even be a way of you finding a career in the country you choose to study in.

Many schools and colleges will help you with the university application process, but if you’re not taking the path most travelled and applying to further education in your home country, your teachers might not be fully aware of the process, the deadlines, and any necessary requirements such as IELTS courses.

In the UK, all university applications are made through UCAS. This is an organisation which will process your applications, acting as a middle man between you and the institutions to which you have applied. It’s through this process that you will submit all your personal data as well as your choices, and it’s also where you will see whether you have been accepted, and whether this offer is conditional of particular results from you courses such as IELTS courses and results, or whether it is unconditional and you already meet the entry criteria.

Start by choosing your course. With so many different undergraduate and post graduate courses available in a huge range of subjects, it can take a little while to narrow down your search. Make sure you’re looking at the right level, and that the style of course will suit you (some have lots of teaching hours, while others are more based in personal research). You should do a lot of research and this will help you to find the perfect subject as well as the course provider. Check the entry requirements and which IELTS course results you would need for your studies. There are different courses and some will have different deadlines to others, although this will usually be based on the institution. Some courses will want you to meet the requirements before you apply, but others will assume that you’re currently studying, and therefore will depend on your projected results rather than what you have actually achieved.

For all courses within the UK, you will need to be proficient in the English language. This is tested via a system known as IELTS, which gauges your understanding of speaking, listening, writing and reading, and whether you would be able to cope with this at university level. IELTS courses are available both in the UK and further afield to help you prepare.

Joseph works for New College Manchester, a school that specialises in English language courses and IELTS courses. In his spare time he has a passion for travelling and blogging.

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Jeff Cavaliere’sAthlean X

Jeff Cavaliere spent the bulk of his high school years being out of shape himself. He had little awareness in bodily fitness. He developed his fascination with fitness when he began playing football. As he developed his interest in making his body the most excellent that it could be, Jeff did vast studies in the field of bodily fitness and even pulled off degrees in the subject at college. Jeff Cavaliere has developed what has to be the greatest training course around.

The Athlean-X as it’s called is a 90 day work out course that burns all the excessive fat off your body and provides you that lean, ripped look that you want. Subsequent to this training course will in all probability not get you loads of muscle weight however instead it strengthens your functional muscles and makes them larger. You will not get heavy with loads of muscle but instead your body will get that lean, muscular look that looks way better than a big body. What is major to note here is that the Axthlean-X will work on you when you follow the diet plan provided by Jeff Cavalerie. With this system you have hit the jackpot, stick to it and see how it makes your body change for the better.

If fat is what you wish to lose then Athlean-X is the right training system for you. After this training system is definite to get you ripped six pack abs and keep your fat down permanently. The majority people consume fewer and train more, this supplies their bodies little time to recover and they suffer. The Athlean-X way is to consume more and train less and still get that lean, extra lean look. It as well aids make muscle and strengthen them up without putting too much mass that doesn’t look nice. If you wish to burn your fat and get that athletic look get Athlean-X online today.

To read more article reviews check out Athlean X Review and The Woman Men Adore…and Never Want to Leave by Bob Grant eBook Review

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